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The BronxWorks Jobs-Plus Program is a workforce development pilot program that supports NYCHA residents living in the Betances, E. Roberts Moore, Melrose, and Courtlandt Avenue Houses. It combines employment-related services, financial incentives, community support for work (opportunities for residents to promote work among their neighbors), and financial counseling.

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BronxWorks Jobs-Plus

Based on an innovative national workforce development model, the Jobs-Plus Program has helped more than a thousand public housing residents secure meaningful employment, increase their earnings, advance employment outcomes through work readiness, and build wealth.

Jobs-Plus offers the following free services:

Employment and Training Services

  • Employer linkages for employment and career advancement opportunities, job placement, and employment counseling
  • Pre- and post-employment support services
  • Résumé building, career coaching, work readiness training, and workshops
  • Vocational skills training and academic enrichment programs

Workforce Development Main Office

550 East 142nd Street
Bronx, NY, 10454

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Financial Counseling, Coaching, and Literacy Services

  • Access to rent-based financial incentives and Earned Income Tax Credits
  • Establishing or increasing a credit score
  • Financial literacy workshops
  • Increasing child support services
  • Minimizing debt
  • One-on-one financial counseling services
  • Opening a bank account
  • Increased awareness, understanding and enrollment in the Earned Income Disallowance (EID) program (Jobs-Plus program only)

Community Support for Work

Work as a community coach to help your neighbors in the Betances, E.R. Moore, Melrose, and Courtlandt Avenue Houses:

  • Connect to support services
  • Enhance their community engagement and participation
  • Overcome barriers
  • Promote, leverage, and strengthen their social ties
  • Support the needs of their community
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Ginessi O., Jobs-Plus Member

A 20-year-old resident of Betances Houses, Ginessi O. lives with her 24-year-old brother and both parents. Ginessi comes from an industrious family who have taught her the value of hard work. Ginessi aspires to join the men and women of “New York’s Finest” and establish a career as a Narcotics Detective, wanting to become an image of positivity on the police force.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Ginessi was working toward earning her Associate of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from Borough of Manhattan Community College. The Manhattan retail store she was working out closed down and her school went remote. Adapting to remote courses amid the coronavirus pandemic while adjusting to the financial hardships of being laid-off from her job was no easy feat. Instead of succumbing to the bleakness of her circumstances, she chose to focus on her future; Ginessi attended her virtual commencement celebration on May 29, 2020. With the help of the Jobs-Plus resource team and our partnership with Police Service Area 7, Ginessi is being connected to a mentorship opportunity with two women in leadership roles in the NYPD. Ginessi began her Bachelor of Arts Criminal Justice program at John Jay College in Fall 2020.

Ginessi expressed that she needed to work part-time while attending college. The Jobs-Plus research team thought Ginessi would benefit greatly from the opportunity to attend a Free Virtual Security training to be able to find part-time employment that was compatible with her school schedule. This training would equip Ginessi with 8- and 16-hour certificates, fireguard, security license, and job placement assistance. Ginessi agreed that an employment opportunity in the security industry aligns perfectly with her career aspirations of working in law enforcement.

Through the generosity of one of our funders, Ginessi received a Lenovo laptop to assist her with her remote college work and to allow her to participate in the virtual security-training program.

Ginessi’s positive experience with the Jobs-Plus program led her to refer her father for employment assistance as his job was also affected by the pandemic. She identified an employment opportunity that her father was qualified for and provided us with his contact information, and we were able to arrange for a Resource Coordinator to reach out to him and get him enrolled into the program. BronxWorks continues to support Ginessi and her family as they recover from the unexpected financial strain of the COVID-19 pandemic.