Intergenerational Programming

Intergenerational Programming explores and disseminates the overview of ageism and the mindset of various generations.

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Raymond Schwabacher, Program Specialist

Both youth and older adults take part in program planning and organizing to create organic, bi-directional relationships with each other. Program participants take the lead on facilitating and contributing to programming, targeting and enhancing their knowledge and talents to share with others, bridging the gap between generations. Participants engage in arts & crafts, games, physical fitness, technology, and more.

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The BronxWorks logo is in the upper-left corner. A cartoon of two older adults dancing is on the left. In the center are five handprints in brown, black, yellow, blue, and cyan. A cartoon on the right of four teenagers or young children. The word "GenStrong" in big letters. The bottom text reads "Building stronger communities across generations", with "stronger" and "generations" in yellow.