Chronic Illness and Health Care Management

BronxWorks provides a comprehensive range of services to people living with chronic illnesses, including case management, medical follow-up, assistance with housing, benefits, and entitlements, educational and support groups, individual counseling, programming for families, and harm reduction. Our caring and knowledgeable staff utilize both in-house and community resources to help people living with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, other STIs, addiction, and other chronic illnesses improve the quality of their and their families’ lives.

Chronic Illness and Health Care Management FAQs

Can people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH/A) enroll in more than one program at a time?

Yes. For example, clients may participate in the Case Management Health Education Program and the Harm Reduction Program.

Does BronxWorks conduct outreach to provide information about services that it offers to PLWH/A?

Yes. BronxWorks conducts outreach at a variety of community settings, including community-based organizations, health facilities, single-room occupancy residences, substance abuse programs, and soup kitchens. To set up a presentation about BronxWorks services for PLWH/A, contact Program Director Anthony Horne (see info above).

Does BronxWorks conduct presentations about HIV/AIDS and about how to avoid getting or spreading the virus?

Yes. BronxWorks offers HIV/AIDS education and prevention presentations at a variety of community settings, including community-based organizations, health facilities, and schools. To set up an HIV/AIDS education and prevention presentation, contact Program Director Anthony Horne (info above).

To participate in the Harm Reduction Program, does a PLWH/A have to be clean and sober?

No. The Harm Reduction Program is open to PLWH/A who are using alcohol or drugs and wish to reduce the harm related to their use. The program is also open to PLWH/A who have used alcohol or drugs in the past and are seeking assistance with preventing relapse. The program offers group and individual counseling that help maintain health, reduce stress, and enhance skills in dealing with daily life.

Do participants in the Harm Reduction Program have to attend every day? Does the program require urinalysis?

No. Although the program is open Monday through Friday, participants do not need to attend daily. They are expected to participate at least once a week. The program does not do urinalysis.

BronxWorks allows everyone the opportunity to have a fair shot, meaning that you’re here and we provide the support to guide and the foundation to connect to your community.”

-Bibi Karim, Department Director

Community Impact

Every year, BronxWorks assists more than 500 people living with chronic illnesses.