Benefits and Other Assistance

The Benefits and Other Assistance Department provides in-person application assistance to individuals and families for an array of benefits and entitlements, including health insurance, SNAP and food resources, legal assistance, and more.

Benefits and Other Assistance FAQs

Does BronxWorks help people apply for citizenship or residency?

Yes. If you qualify, we have paralegals and an immigration attorney at our 1130 Grand Concourse office ready to assist you with the application. We also have services at our Administrative Office at 60 E. Tremont Ave.

How can I find out if I am entitled to benefits?

The BronxWorks Benefits Access and Assistance Program can screen you to see what government benefits you are eligible for and help you apply for them.

Does BronxWorks offer help in applying for health insurance?

Yes. The BronxWorks facilitated enrollers can help you and your family members apply for low- or no-cost insurance.

Can BronxWorks help me obtain food stamps?

Yes. Our food stamp enrollers stationed in various BronxWorks offices throughout the Bronx will gladly help you apply for food stamps.

Can BronxWorks help me complete a housing application or recertification form?

Yes. Our information and referral offices can assist you with those applications.

Do you charge fees for your services?

All BronxWorks services are generally free.

Community Impact

In 2023, BronxWorks programs offered benefits and entitlements assistance to 1,690 people.