Milton Webster, Program Coordinator, Learn & Earn Program

Headshot picture of Milton Webster in his classroom

Milton Webster, Program Coordinator for the BronxWorks Learn and Earn Program at Frederick Douglass Academy III, has worked with students since he was a student himself in high school. Milton grew up in Harlem, where he coincidentally attended Frederick Douglass Academy I and eventually graduated high school from Frederick Douglass Academy II. While in high school, Milton started working at Harlem Children’s Zone, where his passion for working with students began. Milton continued to work at Harlem Children’s Zone for over a decade, while he graduated high school and attended Syracuse University before transferring to the University of Bridgeport to study Business Administration.  

Milton originally wanted to be a gym teacher and worked with youth basketball teams in Harlem, until he realized his true passion for nurturing students as a whole. Milton says his time in after-school programs as a youth made him passionate about providing that kind of support to other children. 

“Growing up in after-school settings, I’ve seen both sides, being a participant and a staff member, so I know exactly what to do in certain situations.

Milton joined the BronxWorks Learn and Earn Program at Frederick Douglass Academy III as a Youth Worker in 2018, before quickly being promoted to Case Manager. In November of 2021, he became the Program Coordinator for the BronxWorks Learn and Earn Program, and now leads programming for dozens of juniors and seniors to prepare them for life after high school. The Learn and Earn Program provides activities and workshops to help students learn more about the careers and colleges they are interested in pursuing. The program also continues to support participants for a year after they graduate high school.  

I’m really proud to say I’ve gotten a lot of kids to go to college. Yes, they can have it in their minds to go, but when they come to our program, we really instill in them that we want them to have either a job or attend college right after high school. And we can say like 80-85% of our students have a job or are attending college after they graduate.”

Milton says his ultimate goal is to run his own nonprofit of after-school programming for students in his community. In his free time, Milton enjoys music and works as a DJ throughout the city, and he also enjoys watching anime. 

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