Meet Jailyn M. and Emmanuel A., 2024 BronxWorks CAFE Graduates

The picture includes two photos side by side; a photo of Jailyn on the left and a photo of Emmanuel and his sister on the right.
Jailyn M. (left); Emmanuel A. and his sister (right).

Jailyn M. 

Jailyn M. graduated from Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health & Science Charter School this year. She will attend Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA in the fall where she will study Biochemistry. Jailyn hopes to start a career in echocardiography. “I knew a few years ago I wanted to pursue medicine,” she says, “The career of an echo-technician can be financially rewarding. I wanted to get into the career as soon as possible so I put in the extra work and I am graduating a year earlier than most students!” 

Jailyn joined the BronxWorks CAFE Program last Fall after hearing about the program through a counselor at her night school. “The program is really amazing,” she says. “Being a senior is hard, and with the extra work I was putting in to graduate early, the encouragement from the BronxWorks staff was enormously helpful.” Jailyn says the BronxWorks CAFE Program provided her guidance when choosing colleges, weighing pros and cons of the different schools she had looked at and working with her to support her goals. “Old Dominion had a really great internship program in echo tech; that made the decision easy, and I was so excited I was accepted.” 

Jailyn lives with her mom and two little brothers. Education is important in their home, with her mom currently working on her Master’s degree and her aunt already with a Master’s. “My extended family live here in the Bronx and in New Jersey, and while they are nervous about how far away I will be going to school, everyone has been incredibly supportive of me and excited for my education.” 


Emmanuel A.

Emmanuel A. was born here in New York City but moved to Ghana when he was very little. After spending most of his childhood in Ghana, he returned to the Bronx two years ago and found the BronxWorks CAFE Program. He participated in multiple workshops about the college application process and what to expect from college life, as well as SAT prep classes. He feels these workshops have prepared him for higher education. “Coming to America, I didn’t know a lot about how the process worked. CAFE definitely helped me understand the process. The workshops were an eye opener, not just about college education and FAFSA, but also maintaining mental health. It was really educational for me.” 

Emmanuel graduated from Bronx Community High School in December 2023 and is preparing to attend New York University in the fall to study Computer Science and Finance. “I really like technology; coding is something I’ve come to like a lot. I want to be a software engineer. There’s many branches of tech, but I want to be on the back end of software development.” 

With CAFE’s guidance, Emmanuel applied for and received an NYU scholarship for full tuition, as well as other smaller scholarships. “Going to a big school like NYU was important. Big schools have access to a wide array of great internships, and I am so excited to be attending the school. My family is really excited and everybody is proud.” 

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