Meet Anthonia A., a BronxWorks Participant

Anthonia A. uses BronxWorks Saturday programming to get closer to her dream of becoming a full-time nurse.

Anthonia A. is a mother of four who immigrated to New York from Nigeria about six years ago. She escaped “a bad situation” for promise of a better and safer life with more opportunity in the U.S. Anthonia currently works in a nursing home as an aide but is looking to further her career by becoming a nurse. “I want to help people. I can do more at the nursing home and be an actual nurse if I have a GED,” she says.

Like so many other people her age who must work full-time to pay their bills, getting the necessary training to pass the GED test is easier said than done. Anthonia faced multiple barriers, including finding a class that was affordable and available during a time that she could attend. “I looked for a program for more than a year. It was so difficult,” she says.

Her oldest daughter recently graduated nursing school and is about to start her career at a local hospital. While talking with her daughter and her daughter’s friends last year, Anthonia mentioned how she also would like to be a nurse. Her daughter’s friend told Anthonia to check out BronxWorks.

In 2022, BronxWorks launched the Saturday Family Wellness Program. The program aims to support maternal and family well-being through a holistic combination of activities. The program is a collaboration between the BronxWorks Health & Wellness Department, which hosts nutrition classes, exercise classes, and other wellness workshops, and the BronxWorks Workforce Development Department, which provides GED prep classes specifically for adults 25 & over.

Anthonia (right, front) takes notes during a math lesson at a BronxWorks GED Prep class.

The Saturday morning GED prep classes were a lifesaver for Anthonia, who is now very close to obtaining her diploma. “Having these classes is a big relief,” she says. “I don’t think I would be able to get the training to pass my test otherwise.” While Anthonia comes specifically for the adult education classes, she loves the other programming available on Saturday mornings. “I love the wellness classes. I love doing Zumba and I especially love the nutrition classes. I came here for the GED but I learned a whole lot more than just what’s on the test.”

To support BronxWorks programs helping people like Anthonia, donate to the BronxWorks Year-End Appeal!

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