BronxWorks Welcomed Hundreds of Migrant Families This Year

Two people wearing face masks and smiling. The person on the right is wearing a knit cap.
Claudia (left) and Roberto (right) are settling into a new life with assistance from BronxWorks.

Since the spring, BronxWorks has received dozens of migrant families at our three homeless family residences. Over 70 families are housed between these residences. Additionally, in September, BronxWorks opened a new 90-unit Family Sanctuary to help shelter a wave of newly-arriving families, like Roberto and Claudia and their young daughter, who escaped from persecution in Venezuela earlier to pursue a safer life here in the U.S. Within days the facility was housing over 300 people, including over 100 children.

Our work with these families will continue for some time as we help them put together their lives in a very new setting, navigate the systems that are in place for them, learn a brand new language, enroll their children in school, and so much more.”

~Eileen Torres, Executive Director of BronxWorks.

For the staff at the BronxWorks Family Sanctuary, it has been a lesson in the resilience of people when they are striving for a better future. “A lot of these families arrived with just clothes. Some didn’t have shoes,” says Yevy Bednaya, Residence Director of the BronxWorks Family Sanctuary, “Despite what they’ve been through, they’re smiling. They’re happy to be here together, to have not been separated, to be in a safe place as a family.”

A woman who is smiling speaks to another person.
Roberto speaks with a BronxWorks Staff Member.

It has also been a lesson in the generosity of our communities who have rallied to provide what these families need to build a new life. From clothing, to school supplies, to household items, our supporters and partners went the extra mile to help us welcome our new neighbors.

The BronxWorks Emergency Fund allows BronxWorks to respond quickly and provide vital services and programs to children, individuals, and families in need like Roberto, Claudia, and their daughter. Donate to the BronxWorks 2022 Year-End Appeal today!

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