Meet Sadia M., a BronxWorks Participant

Sadia M. comes to BronxWorks to be with kids like her.

Sadia M. is an 8th grade student who spends her afternoons at the BronxWorks CMCC After-School program. Sadia and her family are from Bangladesh, but they have lived in the Bronx for as long as she can remember. For Sadia and her family, BronxWorks has been an important resource going back to her early days.

Back in 2013, when Sadia was still in pre-school, she was enrolled in the BronxWorks Head Start program. She still remembers one of her teachers Ms. Diane, learning to dance, and performing with her classmates.

Sadia (center) performs and dances with her fellow BronxWorks Head Start Program students in 2014.
Sadia (center) performs and dances with her fellow BronxWorks Head Start Program students in 2014.

Now in middle school, Sadia recently returned to BronxWorks. “One of my friends would come here, so I started coming here,” Sadia says. “When I first came, I felt lonely because I didn’t have many friends, but I opened up and starting talking to people, and now I have lots of friends.” Sadia continues her love of dance today with the CMCC Dancing Club! “I get to express myself here. We do hip hop dancing here and I like that a lot,” she says.

BronxWorks after-school programs represent an important resource for thousands of young learners in our communities every year. “The staff, I don’t look at them as my teachers. I look at them as my family members,” Sadia says. “They always try to help me and make me feel safe.” BronxWorks after-school programs are a safe space for our students to get help with their homework, and participate in activities that include health and fitness, literacy and STEM development, arts and crafts, computer skills and practice, field trips, and more. For students like Sadia, the most important aspect of the after-school experience is always seeing friends. “My friends mean the whole world to me. If I lost my friends, it’s like losing a piece of me.”

To support students like Sadia and BronxWorks programs that benefit children and youth, donate to the BronxWorks Emergency Fund!

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