PwC Throws Halloween Party For BronxWorks Children

Children sitting around a table enjoying pizza, water bottles, and juice boxes.

In celebration of Halloween, PwC hosted a Halloween Party for BronxWorks children at the Community Center.

Back at full steam for the first time since 2019, over a dozen PwC staff handed out drinks, pizza, and treats in the gymnasium at the community center to children of all ages. Many PwC staff and children dressed in their Halloween best. Superheroes were popular among the kids, while the PwC staff dressed as hot dogs, hamburgers and toast. After eating, children could participate in face painting, pumpkin painting, making a giant cat’s cradle, and Halloween 10-pin bowling. The most-enjoyed activity for the students was turning their fellow students as well as some PwC staff members into toilet paper mummies. A DJ played Halloween tunes all afternoon and ran a few games of musical chairs at the end of the party.

PwC has generously hosted this event for several years. After a modified version last year due to COVID-19 restrictions, BronxWorks and PwC were so happy to bring this annual tradition back at full strength. The children, especially, were full of energy and excitement, running, yelling, and laughing for hours during the event.

“It was a fantastic event,” said BronxWorks Department Director of Children & Youth Services Ursula Cooper-Hunter. “Our students were enthusiastic about this party and getting a chance to celebrate all together in one room. It’s really nice to hold events like these once again and give the students a chance to just be children.”

Erica Lennox, Assurance Director at PwC, said, “PwC looks forward to the Halloween Event at BronxWorks every year. We were very excited to return to the full-scale version of the event this year. Our staff really enjoy interacting with all of the participating children and it is a wonderful opportunity for our firm to give back to the community. We value our ongoing partnership with BronxWorks and look forward to continuing this tradition.”

Two women hand out pizza to a child dressed as a cat.
PwC staff hand out pizza to BronxWorks program children.
Adults, many wearing costumes, stand behind a table filled with water and juice boxes.
PwC Staff at the Halloween pizza party.
Children eating pizza sitting around a table filled with small pumpkins.
BronxWorks children getting ready to paint pumpkins.
Two children wearing Halloween costumes.
BronxWorks children’s costumes ranged from cool to creepy.

Children wave while holding pizza.

A young girl getting her face painted.
PwC staff painted faces of some of the children.
A girl smiles at the camera while painting a pumpkin.
Many students enjoyed painting pumpkins.

A child being wrapped head to toe in toilet paper.

Two students, one wrapped in toilet paper, stand together.
Children loved turning their friends into toilet paper mummies.
A young man wearing a crown getting turned into a toilet paper mummy.
They especially enjoyed turning PwC staff into mummies!

Children sitting around a table enjoying pizza, water bottles, and juice boxes.

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