PwC BronxWorks Halloween Pizza Party

A group of children hold their hands up in the air and cheer. They are holding Halloween bags.

In celebration of Halloween, staff from PwC hosted a Halloween Pizza Party at the BronxWorks Carolyn McLaughlin Community Center for all of the children participating in BronxWorks after-school programs at the Community Center and gave them a chance to show off their Halloween costumes.

Three women wearing masks stand behind a table with goody bags decorated with Halloween creatures.
(L-R) PwC Employees Marie Magliocco, Aviana Catarisano, and Erica Lennox prepare to give goody bags and juice boxes to BronxWorks children.
Two children hold up goody bags.
Some excited children with their goody bags and juice boxes,

Children were given goody bags filled with candy and some healthy snacks, as well as juice and water. PwC also provided pizza, which the children enjoyed in their respective classrooms.

Three children sit together at a table eating pizza.

A child enjoys a slice of pizza.

Additional PwC staff joined the party in several classrooms via video conference, allowing BronxWorks to uphold the social distancing guidelines in place at our Community Center.

Groups of children wave at a monitor showing a Zoom meeting.
Elementary-age students wave at their other classmates in their classrooms as well as PwC staff in their offices.

PwC has generously hosted this event for several years, with last year being the outlier due to COVID-19 restrictions. Although the event looked slightly different this year to accommodate these restrictions, everyone was happy simply to reinstate this highly anticipated event in some form.

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