Meet Maria P., a BronxWorks Participant

Maria P., a BronxWorks Participant
Maria P., a BronxWorks Participant

Maria P. and her family have found their permanent home.


Maria is a mother of five. In 2019, she and three of her children were living in a shelter when she became eligible for a supportive housing apartment.

Maria interviewed with Katie Moquete, Assistant Program Director, and was offered a two-bedroom permanent supportive housing unit. “It’s not easy for people with children in the shelter,” Maria says, “I’m happy, and I thank BronxWorks for making it happen, to welcome me to this beautiful apartment.”

Katie Moquete says that the housing first model is important because it honors the reality that having a home is one of the foundational components in improving anyone’s situation.

Maria decorates her apartment with pictures of her family. There are pictures of her adult son and daughter-in-law, of her father who passed away, of her and her granddaughter, and her beloved pets. And among all the pictures, there is one of Maria at BronxWorks on her 50th birthday. “When I need help with something, BronxWorks is always there,” she says.

It’s home sweet home, thanks to BronxWorks.”

-Maria P.

Throughout this year, we are inspired by the many stories of resilience and hope we witness every single day. Your support truly impacts BronxWorks program participants as they face various hardships, especially as the Bronx continues to recover from the socioeconomic effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The BronxWorks Building Better Futures Fund will help Bronx families in supportive housing like Maria’s make the next steps in improving and living their lives. Donate today!

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