Matthew Henry, Youth Worker

Matthew Henry speaks at a podium at the BronxWorks 2024 Lifting Lives Gala. He is smiling.
Matthew Henry speaks at the BronxWorks 2024 Lifting Lives Gala.

Matthew Henry is a soon-to-be high school graduate and has been both a participant and a Youth Worker with BronxWorks. He currently attends Bronx Legacy High School, where he will graduate in June as Valedictorian. Matthew is also a recent graduate of the BronxWorks Work Learn and Grow employment program, which has helped him prepare for the next steps in his life after high school.

“The program was basically trying to teach me different life lessons [that will help me] get into the workforce when I grow older. It was a very important lesson for me since I’m 17, turning 18 in June.”

Through the BronxWorks Work Learn and Grow program, Matthew was connected to the BronxWorks Community Health Programs as an intern, and he was then hired to be a Youth Worker. Matthew worked with our intergenerational programming, where he facilitated cultural cooking classes, nutrition education classes, and technology classes for Bronx children and older adults. BronxWorks intergenerational programming works to create deeper cross-generational bonds to strengthen our community. While teaching these classes, Matthew has been able to make lasting connections with his Bronx neighbors.

“It was a lot of work, but it was fun. The seniors have amazing discussions with me and the kids. The kids, they’re amazing. They’re so smart and they’re so educated. I’m so proud to say that they are the new generation. These experiences that I’ve been through, it really helped me to shape into the type of person that I want to become.”

Because of his accomplishments, we proudly welcomed Matthew to speak at the BronxWorks 2024 Lifting Lives Gala about his experiences with BronxWorks. In the fall, Matthew will be attending Syracuse University to study Aerospace Engineering. In his free time, he loves to read sci-fi and fantasy books.


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