Amy Greenbaum-Strauss, LCSW, Director of Training

Amy grew up in Brooklyn, New York, the youngest of two daughters. Her father came to the U.S. with his family in 1936, making their harrowing escape from pre-World War II Germany. Her mother grew up a first-generation daughter of Russian and Polish immigrants, also in Brooklyn. Amy’s father would eventually become an accountant, and Amy’s mother would earn a graduate degree in social work. In looking at her career, there is a clear line of paying forward the opportunities and experiences that Amy’s parents gave her to the students, clients, and staff with whom Amy works. 

“I did not grow up thinking that I would one day become a social worker,” Amy says, “but I feel that my parents raised me and my sister with the values and experiences that prepared me for a career as one.”

Amy completed her Bachelor’s Degree at SUNY Oneonta in Elementary and Preschool Education. She knew she wanted to work with children and families, and would start her career working in a foster care agency. “I was touched by how powerful it was to be an advocate for these families,” Amy says. “I saw how many of these parents were working their hardest to make the best world for their kids, but with limited resources, knowledge, and opportunities.”  

After working in foster care for two years, Amy enrolled at Smith College for her Master’s Degree in Social Work. She then joined the Jewish Board, working in many areas, including foster care prevention, adolescent psychiatry, domestic violence shelter, training, and teaching. Later on, at Turnaround for Children, she was part of an interdisciplinary team as a consultant and trainer that focused on struggling schools throughout New York City. In 2019, Amy joined BronxWorks as the Director of Training.  

“That’s what I love about my job. I can take all my experiences and share my knowledge in a way that enhances the services we provide. I see everyone at BronxWorks as a part of our mission, and I see my role in the Training Department as supporting our staff who are doing the tough work, to help everyone be the best version of themselves.” 

Outside of work, Amy loves to be with her family. She loves being outdoors, spending time at the beach, hiking and gardening. Her husband is also a social worker, and together they have a daughter who is about to graduate from college, majoring in psychology. Amy’s family is completed by a dog, Ziggy, and two cats, Meeko and Jasper.

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