Osayi Ikhinmwin

The motivation to contribute to the BronxWorks mission is a theme you will find throughout many of our staff profiles. You find it in the core beliefs of staff in every corner of BronxWorks. Even in non-direct service departments, staff work day in and day out to support the organization’s operational needs, knowing how important our programs are for our communities. 

One of the most unsung heroes of operations is the BronxWorks IT Department, a small team of problem-solvers tasked with maintaining the technology infrastructure of over 60 offices. A central figure of the IT team is Osayi Ikhinmwin. You will reliably find Osayi at the Carolyn McLaughlin Community Center tackling the many tech challenges of the nearly century-old building.  

I value my work because it ensures business continuity. We are behind the scenes maintaining the smooth operation of the agency by connecting and securing our IT infrastructure. It is essential work for me because we are helping BronxWorks achieve its mission.” 

Osayi is originally from Nigeria where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering from Ambrose Alli University. He worked as an IT Administrator, managing the IT systems for local small businesses. In 2011, Osayi came to the United States. 

Osayi joined BronxWorks in 2012 as a Safety Monitor. When a job in the IT Department opened up in 2014, he applied and joined as an IT Helpdesk Specialist. Osayi has worked in the IT Department for over 9 years. In 2021, Osayi completed his Master’s Degree in IT Management from Western Governors University. Now, Osayi is a Systems Administrator and a key team member of the BronxWorks IT Department. 

People buy into things for which they can see the impact. I can see that what I’m doing is not just for me. The work I do is allowing our programs to do their work, helping our communities receive the support they need.” 

Outside of work, Osayi loves to swim and read books. Some of his favorite authors are Malcom Gladwell and John Maxwell. Osayi is a father of three – two daughters and a son. Along with his wife, as a family, they enjoy going on vacations, playing games at home, and listening to good music. 

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