Meet Luz R., a BronxWorks Participant

The Morris Innovative Older Adult Center Gives Luz R. a New Purpose

After retiring, Luz started to come to the BronxWorks Morris Innovative Older Adult Center on recommendation from her sister Maria. That was about eight years ago, and now Luz has been a regular member at the Center ever since. “The Center has made a difference for seniors like me because seniors sometimes don’t have anywhere to go,” Luz says, “They come here, they keep busy, they talk, they make friends here. I think that’s why the Center is so important.”

In addition to providing a welcoming space for our communities’ older adults, the Morris Innovative Older Adult Center provides a way for some to give back and support their friends and community members. Luz and her sister Maria volunteer their time in the Center’s food service program, which serves breakfast and lunch to over 150 people each day. “I don’t like to stay home doing nothing. I’m a very active person. I love to work in the kitchen,” Luz says. “I think it’s wonderful to give back.”

Luz (right) and her sister Maria prepare lunch service at the Morris Innovative Older Adult Center Kitchen.

Since the Morris Innovative Older Adult Center first opened nearly thirty years ago, it has been an important resource to the neighborhood’s older community members, providing among many things a place where they can socialize and participate in activities and events. Programs at the Center also include case management for victims of elder abuse; Geriatric Mental Health Initiative, providing group and individual counseling; a Minor Repair program to help with minor home repairs; weekly food pantries; and senior housing assistance services.

“They have parties on Fridays, which are very popular. They have art classes, trips, and lots of things for seniors to keep themselves busy,” Luz says. “This summer, we went to Holiday Hill. It was very nice; we loved it, I loved it!”

Luz (right), her sister Maria (center), and another BronxWorks senior during a summer trip to Holiday Hill Park in Prospect, CT.

Over the years, the Morris Innovative Older Adult Center has evolved into a vital resource for many of the services our seniors need. More than that, it helps to keep their daily lives filled with a little more excitement and joy, especially during this time of year.

The BronxWorks Emergency Fund will help provide opportunities for Bronx seniors like Luz to enjoy their golden years and live their lives with the dignity and respect they deserve.

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