Meet the #TeamBronxWorks TCS New York City 2022

We are thrilled to announce the 2022 TCS New York City Marathon #TeamBronxWorks Runners! We have an amazing team of first-time and returning marathon runners. #TeamBronxWorks runners are raising money in support of BronxWorks Children & Youth Programs. Read about each of our runners below, and support any of the #TeamBronxWorks runners by visiting their personal fundraising page here.

Maddie Stein Is Running For #Team BronxWorks

Maddie is a long-time runner and, like many, started running more consistently during the pandemic. “Running has always given me a profound sense of peace and calm,” Maddie says, “It makes me feel connected to myself and the moment.” The 2022 TCS NYC Marathon will be Maddie’s first marathon. She was able to watch the marathon in person last year and was inspired to run in 2022. “BronxWorks works so hard to make sure people feel cared for and empowered. It is my honor to run and help raise funds for the BronxWorks Children and Youth Programs so they can continue to provide critical materials and services to children throughout the Bronx.”

Samson Lin Is Running For #TeamBronxWorks!

Samson started running in the summer of 2017 when he moved to Miami. He ran as a way to exercise with his dog and explore the new city. Samson, a New York City native, has lived in Denver and Salt Lake City most recently. He ran his first marathon in Salt Lake City this past April. Samson decided to run the 2022 TCS NYC Marathon to celebrate his home coming. “I’m excited to see how I will perform back at sea level after living in Denver and Salt Lake City for four years.” Samson is running for #TeamBronxWorks because he grew up in the Bronx and wants to give back to his community. “I want to raise money for BronxWorks because mission- and location-driven grassroots organizations have a real, everyday positive impact on their communities. I want to give back to the community that helped raise me.”

Jess Espinosa Is Running For #TeamBronxWorks Again!

Jess has been running since she was eight years old. As a child, she would watch the NYC Marathon every year on television with her dad. It’s what motivated her to join her elementary school track program in third grade, which helped her ultimately discover her passion for distance running. “I kept running as a hobby and it’s really helped my physical and mental well-being throughout the years.” Jess ran her first marathon in 2017 in support of BronxWorks. Now Jess is excited to run her third marathon, and for the second time as a part of #TeamBronxWorks. “As a first-generation Latina and proud New Yorker, it feels like an honor to represent a nonprofit dedicated to uplifting all members of a community largely made up of underrepresented minorities.”

Sarah Elzayat Is Running For #TeamBronxWorks!

For Sarah, running has always been a passion and a stress relief. She started running in high school with her sister, Rehaam, and it became a passion through which they bonded. This will be Sarah’s first marathon. She has run a half-marathon and other races, but this year is special for her. “As I turn 30 in November, I thought what better way of ringing in another decade than by crossing a milestone off my bucket list – the NYC Marathon. Even better, I’m taking on this journey with my sister.” Sarah and her sister, Rehaam, are both running for #TeamBronxWorks. “I’m running to support a charity that I knew would use the donations for resources to improve the health and well-being of their community.”

Rehaam Elzayat Is Running For #TeamBronxWorks!

Rehaam starting running at the age of 13 when she joined her middle school track team. In high school, she began to run longer distances and knew she found her passion. “Running has always kept me grounded and centered. There is simultaneously a peace and a chase that I cannot find elsewhere.” Running is a passion that Rehaam shares with her sister Sarah. Together through running the sisters have bonded and will take on the journey of the NYC Marathon. Rehaam ran a half-marathon but like her sister Sarah, this will also be her first marathon. Rehaam is running for #TeamBronxWorks because she has always been passionate about helping those in need. “When you align with the mission and values of an organization, there truly is nothing greater and I hope to be part of the change we wish to see for the Bronx.”

We are so thankful to have these amazing runners supporting #TeamBronxWorks and our Children & Youth programs this year! Support our #TeamBronxWorks runners!

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