Merrinda Caesar

Merrinda Caesar, Payroll Manager, BronxWorks
Merrinda Caesar, Payroll Manager, BronxWorks

Merrinda Caesar is the Payroll Manager at BronxWorks. She was born and raised in the Bronx and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Mercy College. Merrinda started her career in accounting at ADP. She has worked in payroll ever since.

Merrinda joined BronxWorks in April 2017 and continues managing payroll for every staff member of BronxWorks today: over 900 pay checks every two weeks. But the real work comes in the days in between, making sure the payroll is accurate, up to date, and complete before payday arrives.

Payroll is process of gathering, verifying, and entering information received from internal and external sources daily. All of that information comes together to be able to process the payroll and get everyone paid.”

For a company with 960 employees and growing, there can be a lot of information changing on a daily basis. Merrinda handles the task with a calm and steady demeanor. Among the information she accounts for is new hire information, promotions, terminations, leaves of absence, and any change of status that will affect an employee’s paycheck.

Merrinda went into accounting because she loved math and numbers. When she started focusing on payroll, she found that it provided an avenue to interact more with employees and learn the nuances of different departments. More importantly, working for a nonprofit like BronxWorks allows Merrinda to have an impact that goes beyond her work.

BronxWorks impacts so many lives, and even though I’m not working on the front line, if I can ensure that employees are confident in the payroll process, that takes a burden off of them and allows them to focus on the work they need to do.”

Outside of work, Merrinda enjoys spending time with her family. She has two adult children and three grandchildren. “A set of twins and an older grandson,” Merrinda says, “We love to travel and do everything together as a family, and it’s the best time.”

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