Danielle Mobley

Danielle Mobley, Development Assistant, BronxWorks
Danielle Mobley, Development Assistant, BronxWorks

Danielle has lived in the Bronx for her whole life. Born and raised in the Boston Road area, she attended Morris High School and then went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Monroe College.

Danielle joined BronxWorks in December 2016 as a receptionist at the Administration office. As the receptionist, Danielle provided a variety of support for different administrative and operational functions, including fielding incoming communications; processing payments and orders; purchasing supplies; filing and organizing agency documents; completing preparations for trainings and meetings; assisting HR with new hire orientation; assisting Fiscal with audits; and data entry.

In September 2019, Danielle joined the Development Department as the Development Assistant. In her role, it is difficult to fully explain all of the ways Danielle supports the Development team. In everything Development does, Danielle plays a vital part. Her regular responsibilities include tracking, entering, and organizing donor information; creating acknowledgement letters; receiving and registering in-kind donations; purchasing supplies; planning and working events; assisting with social media; assisting with weekly income summaries; and much more.

Fundraising is different than anything I’ve ever done. It can be stressful and overwhelming, but it feels good to know we are putting these events together and raising money to benefit the community. The outcome is always worth it.”

Most recently, Danielle was invaluable toward the success of the BronxWorks 2022 Evening Reception at the Bronx Zoo. Behind the scenes, she quietly helped with all of the arrangements for the event and served as the primary liaison with the Zoo and other vendors. During the event, you likely saw Danielle welcoming you at reception, or helping at check out for the silent auction. Danielle is level-headed, cool under pressure, and a constant source of calm during the frenzy that is common to event planning.

It feels really rewarding to see the outcome of all the work we put in, to hear the testimony of our participants and see how grateful they are to have BronxWorks as a resource.”

Outside of work, Danielle loves to spend time with her family and her son, Carter, traveling and trying different foods. She loves to share new experiences with Carter and watching him respond and grow

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