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BronxWorks Response to Twin Parks North West Fire

The building of Twin Parks North West

Since January, with support from New York State, BronxWorks has provided ongoing case management services to families affected by the Twin Parks North West fire, including helping families secure household necessities such as furniture replacement; connecting residents to medical and mental health services; distributing financial assistance to primary leaseholders; assisting non-leaseholders with proving their residency to help them secure benefits; distributing food pantry items; troubleshooting transportation issues; and providing legal services and benefits application support to help families rebuild their lives after this devastating event. A separate organization was contracted to provide housing services. BronxWorks is not involved in any of the hotel or housing placements for families.

BronxWorks took action immediately after the fire. Case managers met with both the primary leaseholders as well as families who were doubled up. BronxWorks has been processing and will continue to process furniture requests, as well as address individual, specific needs of those who face significant obstacles, especially after enduring such a traumatic event.

BronxWorks is grateful to have been recently selected by New York City Mayor Eric Adams and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City (Mayor’s Fund) to distribute $3 million in cash assistance to nearly 150 families impacted by the devastating Twin Parks fire in the Bronx. BronxWorks is distributing funding to the head of household of all leaseholders who resided in the building at the time of the fire, and to eligible non-leaseholders. BronxWorks will also distribute additional emergency funding throughout the year that may arise due to medical challenges resulting from the fire, and work with families to help replace lost items due to the fire. BronxWorks will also work with the impacted families who lost jobs, providing employment services, ESL classes, and immigration services. BronxWorks looks forward to working with the Mayor’s Fund to continue providing and building upon support for families.

BronxWorks has also been working closely with invaluable community partners, businesses and other groups to help shepherd their donations directly to families. The support has been astounding, and BronxWorks is also coordinating events to continue to facilitate direct donations from other generous entities.

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