#JustPay Rally at City Hall

A group of BronxWorks staff hold signs saying #JustPay and Fund the Frontlines

On Thursday, March 10, dozens of BronxWorks staff from across the agency participated in a rally to support the #JustPay campaign, which looks to end chronically low wages for human services workers.  

BronxWorks staff wearing BronxWorks hats and Just Pay masks, holding a sign saying Human Services Workers are Essential
BronxWorks staff at the #JustPay rally on March 10.

The New York State human services workforce is 800,000+ workers strong, most of whom make about 71% of what government employees and 82% of what private sector workers receive for the same role. 

Rallyers gather at City Hall on March 10.
Rallyers gather at City Hall on March 10.

Thousands of nonprofit human services workers from organizations across the five boroughs filled Park Row outside City Hall, calling on the mayor and city council to put into law fair pay and contracts for human services organizations. 

A BronxWorks staff member holds a sign saying "Better Pay=Better I Can Provide My Family"

#JustPay looks to implement change by focusing on three core reforms: 

  • enforcement of an annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) 
  • a living wage floor of $21 an hour 
  • addition of a comprehensive wage and benefit schedule for all City- and State-funded human services workers.  

If you are interested in supporting the nonprofit human services sector and the #JustPay campaign, you can sign the supporter sign-on form here.

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