Twin Parks West Food Pantry Celebrates One Year

Two people stand in front of a BronxWorks sign, witha table in front of them filled ith pantry bags

On Thursday, October 14, the BronxWorks food pantry at Twin Parks West celebrated one year of operation. In the first few months of the pandemic, the BronxWorks team at Twin Parks West, which specializes in employment services, noticed an increasing need for food among residents.

BronxWorks Twin Parks West Outreach Specialist Tracey Perez (left) and Case Manager Phillip Spellen (center) work to distribute bas of food to pantry participants at the Twin Parks West Food Pantry (October 14, 2021)

Though New York is working toward recovery from the pandemic, significant economic effects still linger for many Bronx families, on top of existing challenges in neighborhoods which have historically faced high rates of food insecurity. In 2020, BronxWorks saw a dramatic increase in demand for food and nutrition services and ramped up its programs to meet community needs—including expanding from four to twelve food distributions a week.

Bags of fresh produce at the BronxWorks Twin Parks West Food Pantry (October 14, 2021)

The team at Twin Parks West began connecting residents to food resources however they could, and officially launched the weekly food pantry in October 2020. A year later, the team continues weekly pantry operations as need persists.

BronxWorks Twin Parks West Program Coordinator Dominique Jackson (right) hands bags of food to pantry participants at the Twin Parks West Food Pantry (October 14, 2021)

The Twin Parks West food pantry distributes about 80 bags of groceries each week to residents. In addition to the pantry, this location offers a range of supportive services, including access to workforce programs to help residents secure employment.

BronxWorks Twin Parks West Case Manager Phillip Spellen (left) and Outreach Specialist Tracey Perez (right) hand bags of food to pantry participants at the Twin Parks West Food Pantry (October 14, 2021)

Food insecurity remains high in the Bronx, with unemployment rates well above the city and state averages—the borough saw 13.4% unemployment in August 2021, compared to 9.8% citywide and 7.4% statewide. As such, BronxWorks continues to provide increased food distribution services to the Bronx community.

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