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Meet David D., a BronxWorks Participant

David D., a BronxWorks Participant
David D., a BronxWorks Participant

David D. is working with BronxWorks to be a bigger part of his children’s lives.


Due to circumstances that have occurred during his life, David D. is not able to be as big a part of his two children’s lives as he wants.

Now, David is working with the BronxWorks HERO Dads program as a step toward being a bigger part of their lives. HERO Dads stands for Healthy, Empowered, Resilient and Open (HERO) Dads. David grew up mostly without his parents, and the HERO Dads program is helping him come to terms with the persistent trauma that comes from those childhood experiences.

“If my family wasn’t right growing up, it’s passed down from generation to generation,” David says, “so learning and recognizing that, now I can move forward.”

The HERO Dads program is designed to strengthen positive father-child engagement, improve social and economic outcomes for fathers and their families, and improve and sustain healthy relationships. “They give you the sensibility to hold yourself accountable for what you have done,” David says, “We talk about everything – where we went wrong as parents, where we went wrong as adults, where we went wrong as men.”

David has overcome many challenges, including health issues, incarceration, addiction, and homelessness. He has come to BronxWorks along the way for support and opportunities, whether it was spending time at the Living Room Drop-in Center, getting employment assistance from the Workforce Development Department, or now working with HERO Dads.

BronxWorks does the work. It’s on the individual if they’re ready to work with BronxWorks.”

-David D.

Throughout this year, we are inspired by the many stories of resilience and hope we witness every single day. Your support truly impacts BronxWorks program participants as they face various hardships, especially as the Bronx continues to recover from the socioeconomic effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The BronxWorks Building Better Futures Fund will help people like David make the next steps in improving and living their lives. Donate today!

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