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Raymi De La Cruz

Youth Workforce Program Director Raymi De La Cruz

Raymi De La Cruz joined BronxWorks in May 2019 as the Program Director for Youth Workforce Programs at the beginning of the 2019 SYEP season. During his first season at the helm of this very popular program, he helped place over 1,000 youth interns at work sites and in project-based learning groups. The following summer, SYEP was limited and unable to make worksite placements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, Raymi and his team were able to pivot and engage youth participants with a remote curriculum. Now that SYEP has resumed in-person for the Summer of 2021, Raymi and his team are back at it, placing and supervising over 1,100 youth interns across nearly 80 worksites.

Raymi was born in New York City and raised between the Bronx and the Dominican Republic. During his time at Christopher Columbus High School in the Bronx, he joined a program called Discovering UVM. Through the program, Raymi spent a weekend in Vermont, which led him to enroll at the University of Vermont as a Computer Science major. Raymi would attend an Introduction to Social Work course which demonstrated how social workers help people find their path by removing barriers. Raymi felt compelled by the idea of a career in social work and quickly changed his major.

I came from a background where I had to teach myself a lot of things, and create my own path because there weren’t a lot of examples before me for the things I wanted to do.”

After graduating from UVM, Raymi enrolled in the New York University Master’s of Social Work program before eventually finding his way to BronxWorks. During his tenure at BronxWorks, Raymi has been integral in the continuation of the Youth Workforce Programs, including major adjustments required during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prominently amongst his contributions to the agency is his role as the Co-Chair of the BronxWorks LGBTQ+ Committee.

Every day I go to work, I can help someone forge their own path.”

The mission of the BronxWorks LGBTQ+ Committee is to make our organization an inviting and welcoming space for people who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. “Whether you are staff or a participant,” Raymi says, “when you walk into BronxWorks, you know that it is a space that is welcoming to you.” Raymi is proud of how far the Committee has come and he’s excited for what lays ahead. Coming off of Pride Month this past June, the BronxWorks LGBTQ+ Committee is focused on bringing awareness to its goals and growing its presence within the organization.

If you know Raymi, you know that his spirit is incarnated in his work, his story embodied in his commitment to his programs, his participants, and his goals. But when he is able to find some free time, Raymi enjoys reading, hiking, bike riding, being outdoors, and watching movies.

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