Sarah Carbone

BronxWorks HUD Scattered-site Program Director Sarah Carbone stands on a Bronx street
Sarah Carbone, Program Director of the BronxWorks HUD Scattered-Site Supportive Housing Program.

If there is one quality that drives seemingly every BronxWorks employee, it is a desire to make an impact. In speaking to many employees through writing staff profiles, we have found that desire present throughout many of our employees’ lives prior to their time at BronxWorks, motivated through personal experiences and journeys. For Sarah Carbone, Director of the BronxWorks HUD Scattered-Site Supportive Housing Program, her journey started in New York State, took her to West Africa, and ultimately landed in the Bronx, where she now oversees a program that houses 53 formerly homeless individuals.

Sarah was born and raised in Poughkeepsie. She attended SUNY Morrisville, studying natural resource conservation. Her passion for the environment and better land management led her to join the Peace Corps, where she spent two years in Ghana working with local enterprises and communities to better protect their environment through increased education.

The environment is still something I care about, but the human side is what is motivating me now.”

Sarah started at BronxWorks in the Adult Homeless Services (AHS) Department in 2014 as the Quality Assurance Specialist. It was her first experience working with the chronically homeless population of New York City. She spent four years at the Living Room Drop-in Center/Safe Haven and supporting the AHS Department, during which she attained her Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. Sarah took her experience in AHS with her when in 2018 she became the Program Director for the HUD-funded Scattered-site Supportive Housing program at BronxWorks.

I recognized that this situation can happen to anybody – it’s not a special negative situation, it can happen to anybody.”

For Sarah, it was a bittersweet but important departure. Due to her experience in the AHS Department, she was able to collaborate with her colleagues to fill every unit in her program with a BronxWorks AHS client. She also took with her perhaps the most important lesson, the reason she believes the AHS staff remain so committed to their work: “It’s all about the clients,” Sarah says. “When you see the most vulnerable people, and you build relationships with them, it’s hard to let go – it’s meaningful. Working towards permanent housing, we all have that shared goal.”

Outside of work, Sarah spends her time building cardboard structures for her cat, Wilbur. She also enjoys cooking, hiking, and reading.

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