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Anthony Horne

Anthony Horne, Director of Positive Living at BronxWorks
Anthony Horne, Director of Positive Living at BronxWorks

In many ways, it’s come full-circle for Anthony Horne, Director of Positive Living at BronxWorks. After attending SUNY College at New Paltz, Anthony served as a U.S. Army Medical Specialist and received his Master’s Degree in Human Services from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. He started his career in social services in the HIV/AIDS field and has worked in the areas of reproductive and sexual health education and HIV/AIDS education and prevention for over 30 years. In the early days of his work during the AIDS epidemic, Anthony says it was mostly planning and preparing patients for death.

“Seeing the change has been wonderful,” Anthony says, in regards to how the field of work in HIV/AIDS management has evolved. “Nowadays, patients are more likely to die of natural causes.”

Anthony joined BronxWorks in 2017 as the Program Director of the Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP) program. The CAPP program is an evidence-based initiative funded by the New York State Department of Health that promotes sexual health, STD and HIV/AIDS prevention, and adolescent pregnancy prevention, for participants ages 11 to 21 years old. It is now in its 5th year at BronxWorks. Anthony later added the Sexual Risk Avoidance Education program (SRAE), which is in its 2nd year.

In September of 2020, Anthony became the Director of Positive Living, which works with and provides services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS. It’s something of a return for Anthony, while he continues to oversee the CAPP and SRAE programs. When asked about it, he says, “There’s work to be done.” Although the situation has improved tremendously compared to the 1980s, new cases continue to disproportionately affect communities of color and the LGBTQ+. Anthony says there is still a lot of messaging needed to change perceptions and stigmas around living with HIV.

Being positive is just a condition.

That is what Positive Living is ultimately trying to accomplish, to provide normalcy for people living with HIV. Anthony says that the world is close to a triumph, that prevention can make the disease untransmittable, and that the science is clear: an undetectable viral load equals a non-infectious individual. We asked Anthony what drives him in his work in this field. He said that his passion comes from his lived experiences.

“When you see close friends pass it hits close to home.”

When he is not working, Anthony enjoys cooking and listening to music, particularly 70s Soul, R&B, Jazz, and Classical.

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